22marzo2024 – CAVE XX: Señor Service // Atte Elias Kantonen // Matteo Coffetti // Tundra

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Venerdì 22 Marzo 2024, alle ore 22:00
THE CAVE presso Casa Madiba Network
via D. Campana, 59/F – Rimini

THE CAVE nasce con l’intento di ospitare artisti della scena underground italiana, attivi nell’ambito della musica di ricerca elettronica, strumentale ed elettroacustica. Curata da Jacopo Buda e Demetrio Cecchitelli, la rassegna verrà ospitata da Casa Madiba, spazio sociale autogestito. Gli interventi sonori saranno disponibili in podcast, grazie alla collaborazione radiofonica con USMARADIO.

Señor Service
∫ live

Solo project of Umberto Pasinetti, formerly ½ of ₙₑw₋Wₑᵢᵣdₒ₋ᵥᵢbₑₛ label Pampsychia. Started in 2019 as a tender and humoristic
music project, Señor Service feeds on cheeky plunderphonics and dreamy FM synthesis.. It is – 100% certified – as always satisfactory. Until now, he always delivered.

Atte Elias Kantonen
∫ live

Atte Elias Kantonen is a sound laborer working in the fields of experimental music and performing arts. In his works, Kantonen explores the potential of elastic synthesis and extremely processed sound as vessels for abstract, phantasmagorical storytelling. Building gloopy yet emotional sonorous dioramas, he creates compositions where the serene and the discordant constantly fold on themselves, revealing a sliver of the other. His music has been released on labels such as SODA GONG (US), mappa (SK) and SUPERPANG (IT) among others.

Matteo Coffetti (PHO BHO)
∫ dj set

Matteo Coffetti is a music producer, dj, co-founder of Pho Bho Records and he’s part of Ninja Exotic Machine’s duo together with Kakofonico. His dj set ranging from polyriddims, junglist-footwork, contemporary dancehall, quirky dubstep and post-punk rarity without any bpm reference.

Tundra (PHO BHO)
∫ dj set

Pho Bho Records member, his research is based on new wave guts and downtempo depths. Thus, widening spaces lets him come to tight rhythms with a renewed interest in hybrid melodies halfway between polyriddims, juke and post cumbia.

22:00 – DOOR
22:30 – Señor Service
23:00 – Atte Elias Kantonen
00:00 – Matteo Coffetti + Tundra
02:00 – CLOSING

Artwork by Benedetta Egitto

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